birthday trip to Postojna

Last weekend our friend Lele invited us to come to Postojna to celebrate his birthday and opening of Postojna's skate park!
We had a great time so we decided to put up some photos of the atmosphere at postojna boldrider's new home :)

Easy going drawing...

Lele wearing some of his birthday gifts

Skate catering :D

No T-shirt dress code!!!

Watermelon- favorite fruit of the boldriderz crew

The party ended (or begun :D) with a concert - and we captured this priceless photo with our fancy tour camera!
Thank you boldriders for inviting us! Big love <3

p.s. be sure to visit boldrider for more info about the park and if you pass trough Postojna STOP BY AND SAY HI!

peace out!



The members of rijekastreetzine are still redecorating their crib and peeling the old paint from the walls... as we try to finish as quickly as we can and get to WORK on the street, here are some pics just to let you know we are alive and well and having fun..

risky- legendary motovun chocolate for a perfect moral boost!

kitamrk's fake tattoo

aaand some sexy random cellphone drawings made by ninjatiger and pekmezmed...

see you soon!!! peace out <3