sticker attack on the way to t0kiv0ki's exhibition

it was a long walk to t0kiv0ki's exhibition so kitamrk, ninjatiger and pekmezmed decided to put up some stickers to make the time fly by faster...

when we arrived our minds were blown by the amazing show that our friend was preparing for days in complete secrecy! congrats again t0kiv0ki!!!


the day the monster was born!

22.3.2009. a cold day in the beautiful city- a perfect day to give birth to a monster RIJEKASTREETZINE!

our friends from ZAGREBSTREETZINE visited us and became the godfathers of our new blog that will hopefully incourage people in rijeka to hit the streets with their drawings and stickers!

for the time being it's up to us to save the day!

ninjatiger, oko, puma34, tokivoki and pekmezmed made a bunch of new drawings, paintings, stickers and linocuts and had a few drinks to make it all flow better

after we escorted our friends home we decided to made sure things don't go the wrong way with our new project!