birthday trip to Postojna

Last weekend our friend Lele invited us to come to Postojna to celebrate his birthday and opening of Postojna's skate park!
We had a great time so we decided to put up some photos of the atmosphere at postojna boldrider's new home :)

Easy going drawing...

Lele wearing some of his birthday gifts

Skate catering :D

No T-shirt dress code!!!

Watermelon- favorite fruit of the boldriderz crew

The party ended (or begun :D) with a concert - and we captured this priceless photo with our fancy tour camera!
Thank you boldriders for inviting us! Big love <3

p.s. be sure to visit boldrider for more info about the park and if you pass trough Postojna STOP BY AND SAY HI!

peace out!



The members of rijekastreetzine are still redecorating their crib and peeling the old paint from the walls... as we try to finish as quickly as we can and get to WORK on the street, here are some pics just to let you know we are alive and well and having fun..

risky- legendary motovun chocolate for a perfect moral boost!

kitamrk's fake tattoo

aaand some sexy random cellphone drawings made by ninjatiger and pekmezmed...

see you soon!!! peace out <3


MOTOVUN- why so serious- FULL REPORT

Our friend PUMA34 invited us to come to Motovun film festival where he had his book promotion and exhibition. So here is the story and some lovely pics from the trip...

Puma34 himself (summer look 2009)

When we started the trip to Motovun we met 2 handsome boys form Slovenia, Lele and Tada, who turnd out are not only good looking and smart but can allso draw some neat stuf, skate and build sweet skate parks!

Lele, Tada and Sergej testing the park.

why so serious? nike camp


The next day it was time to make a proper opening of a great exhibition/ book promotion, so the guys put on their best clothes...

..and were on their best behavior

puma was so generous that he reserved a room in the gallery just for us (Ivana Armanini, Oko, Puma, Lele, Tada, Sergej, Lunar, Ninjatigar and pekmezmed) to draw in. So we filled the room to show our grattitude!

this guy was so happy that he spend the intire evening in this lovely corner

and some random pics from the opening...

the next day was kinda blurry (no photos except this one) so we went to the pool and spa at motovun hotel to relax..

sergej relaxing and reading the latest wellness news.

after 4 days of fun it was time to head back to rijeka (just a few pics actually came out from our official action sampler tour camera- 5 films were destroyed due to the fact that we- cheep asses decided to buy the film at the flea market) enjoy.

finaly we went our separate ways except emir and jasmina who actually stayed on the motovun film festival to see some movies... weirdos.

if you are heading to motovun your self be sure to visit puma's exhibition and buy his new book or custom made t-shirt at a low onetimeoffer price!

(some pictures are taken from motovun film festival site and from sexy people blog)


new paste up's

We finally met up with our friends Auks and Oh-Uh from Osijek and had a little "draw off" in our basement. After we had our fun we decided to share the new drawings with our dear fellow citizens!

If you walk through Rijeka be sure to slow your paste and enjoy!


paste up's and drawings in hartera

our friends from zagreb came to visit us again and made us vandalize this beautiful part of hartera (former paper factory in rijeka)

:D we were more than happy to do it! together we made some posters and took some paint wit us to bring this place back from the dead!

stop by hartera and feast your eyes on beautiful works by puma34, oko, fudge, kitamrk, ninjatiger and pekmezmed!