drawing PartY in filter, rijeka

yesterday we were happy to host a drawing PartY in rijeka where we invited artists form croatia, bosnia and hercegovina and serbia to draw on the walls of club filter. we had a great time so be sure to stop by club filter if you are in rijeka and check out some amazing artwork that our friends made!

we hope to have more events like this one.. 'till then- thanks to everyone who participated and to all of you who came to support us! PartY on!


street frames- finally outside!

we finally had some good weather this week so we went out to find a nice place to put up the framed drawings that we made with our friends from zagreb.

we found a perfect spot on the bridge over river rječina - to be precise- the fence of the bridge- which has a sort of a gallery look cause of the lights installed in the fence :)

after we tied the frames to the fence we staked out to see if anyone would even look at our beloved frames...kitamrk and ninjatiger were worried that no one would like them but:

a few seconds later the first spectator fell in love and begged kitamrk to take his photo with this amazing works of art

...now who could say no to such a request? :)


STREET FRAMES zagreb-rijeka

last weekend we went to visit our friends from zagrebstreetzine .
our friend puma provided us with some hidden treasure that he was saving for a special occasion- blank picture frames! The idea was to draw together and once they were done- put them up on city streets for everyone to enjoy!

these are just some pieces that we did (puma, oko, ninjatiger and pekmezmed) - the rest of the frames are in zagreb as they were made by the whole zagrebstreetzine crew which is larger then our rijeka crew... because of that fact we were given a choice- leave the frames in zagreb so they can put them up in their town or face some serious ass kicking! ;)

good people that they are- puma and oko gave as a couple of frames in the end and even sent us home with some blank frames that we finished together with our friends from rijeka!

awaiting better weather when they will be exhibited on the streets of rijeka we put a guard dog to watch over our prescious street frames!

she was as allways enchanted with our lovely drawings...